Cornerstone Mini Aussies is Located in Springfield, Missouri

We are breeders of Mini Aussies, also known as miniature Australian shepherd dogs.   Our home and dog breeding facilities are located in southwest Missouri, the heart of the Ozarks!  With five acres, our Mini Aussie puppies have room to roam, run, and just be DOGS!

Our breeding program is centered around our family.  We deeply love our dogs and know how much you will grow to love your Mini Aussie dog as well.  Your puppy will start out as a member of our family… and will eventually, become a member of yours!

We Love This Breed

Growing up on beef cattle farms, we were raised seeing these beautiful dogs in working pens, sale barns and feed trucks. Their distinctive coats and colors are a beloved site in the cattle world. Their intelligence and loyalty make them a great companion to anyone who needs a “partner” by their side!

Whether you want to curl up on the couch or throw a frisbee in the yard, Mini Aussies are versatile and ready for anything.

We began our journey with our first puppy, Ozzie, 7 years ago and have been hooked ever since! We truly love this breed!

Quality vs. Quantity

Our breeding program is small…by design! We focus on QUALITY over QUANTITY!

Cornerstone’s genetics are top notch! Our males and females are out of AKC Champion bloodlines, which assures you the best in health and overall conformation.

We are working to complete our Elite Breeder Certification. This program is a thorough, detailed course that teaches optimum health, rearing, and socialization techniques to produce the VERY BEST in puppies. We never stop learning!

Blue Merle Mini Aussie

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