Mini Aussiedoodle Puppies for Sale

We’ve had many families ask us about breeding litters of Mini Aussiedoodle puppies. They’re very interested in the non-shedding, hypoallergenic coat and the idea of having a smaller, “miniature” sized version. Often, they mention family members with allergies and that this type of dog is their only option.

After a lot of thought, we’ve decided to do one litter of Mini Aussiedoodles a year!

Percy F1 blue merle Cock-a-Poo



Our 2022 litter will be out of Percy and Dixie

This expected colors of this litter will be blue merles and blacks (with small amounts of white)

  • Estimated breeding in June 2022
  • Estimated birth is beginning of September and puppies would go home 8 weeks later

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Percy’s Previous Litters

Percy comes to us from Texas and has sired other litters in the past. He’s a unique blue merle and is only 11” tall. His puppies will be small and their mature height will be between 11-16 inches. He has a quiet, gentle and sweet personality and will hopefully pass that on to his offspring!

Below are Percy’s previous puppies as well as a 1-year old to help you better understand their size and color patterns.


Merle puppies = $2500
Solid puppies = $2000

Wait List

If you’re interested in getting on our wait list for the upcoming Mini Aussiedoodle litter, please fill out and submit the Mini Aussiedoodle Advanced Litter Deposit form. This form, along with a $100 non-refundable deposit, will secure your place in line for pick of the litter.

Mini Aussiedoodle Advanced Litter Deposit Form

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